Footwork Tendon Stretch Variations on the Reformer | Online Pilates Classes

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Tendon Stretch in Pilates, there are several. One of them happens during Footwork on the #Reformer. And, its one of the best ways to discover the connection to your down-stretch or down-reach. It's less of a stretch and more of a connection exercise. So, definitely do your best to not juice out all the inches of the stretch. Instead focus on where you're reaching your heels from. In this tutorial I'll show you the best parts of this Tendon Stretch variation and also some other versions that help you feel the differences between external and internal rotation and more!
Click the link above for additional tips on this #PilatesTendonStretch exercise.

• Footwork on the Reformer:
• Footwork on the Cadillac:
• Footwork on the Wunda Chair:

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